Three years ago my family decided to get a family dog. We did a lot of research and agreed on a Golden-Poodle. We were delighted with our new bundle of joy, named Miles. We did all the things the books told us to do. We took him to puppy school, “socialized” him with the neighbourhood dogs and had private training. At about 2 1/2 years old, Miles became very aggressive towards other dogs . We could no longer let him play with other dogs and at one point we could not even walk him on leash. Our first step was talking to our vet who recommended we take Miles to a dog psychiatrist. We spent $750.00 and Miles was still the same. A few weeks later Miles broke the skin of another dog and he could not be walked anymore. I went into the vet again hoping one of the wonderful people there would adopt him. The doctor suggested I call Brenda; she had great success with other dogs in similar situations. So I did and the rest is history. She has made Miles into the family pet he was born to be. She worked diligently with him individually and with the whole family. Brenda has been a blessing. I can honestly say he now is a great listener, easily walked and a great dog. Best of all the strategies Brenda gave us are so easy. They are things I would have never thought of. My 10 and 7 year olds use them. Miles now goes on walks with other dogs and completely ignores them. Brenda Hoffman has been our life saver.

The Rose Family

Brenda Hoffman first came to us when we just had a baby and our 1 ½ year old Eskimo-Poodle was showing signs of aggression and biting strangers. We had taken 1 set of classes but he was still very hyper and hard to control. After a few visits with Brenda his aggression has stopped and he has become a pleasant dog that walks well on and off leash. He listens well off leash even with distraction.

Brenda taught us how to teach our dog and she gave us the tools that we needed to be a happy family. She not only helped our dog but she has helped the relationship we have with our dog. As well, her obvious compassion for her clients and their dogs is evident by her willingness and desire to go out of her way to help. I can’t count the number of times Brenda has given us follow up information regarding our dog’s adjustment to our new family. We are all more confident family members. Thank you Brenda!

Nicole and Ian

Brenda Hoffman saved our lives! We were ruining our dog with our lack of insight about how to train him. He chewed Lego, jumped on our counters and grabbed knives, was ever so demanding! He was an hour away from being returned to the breeder. It took Brenda one hour to sum up our family and our dog! She gave us common sense solutions like, “Don’t be mean; mean what you say.” She kept us smiling through the process. Thanks to Brenda, Griffon has become a very loved, co-operative member of our family.

Tanya and Jon G.