IMGP0727-768x1024I cannot say enough good things about Brenda and Canine Nanny. Those who come to know her will quickly realize she is not simply a dog-trainer, but a compassionate friend to both owners and animals alike. I have come to depend on her exclusively for caring for dogs in my absence, and walking/training them on a regular basis, because no one does it better than or cares as much as she. Brenda is extremely attuned to and accommodating of her clients’ many needs, whether pertaining to their schedules, or the medical and dietary needs of her animals. She has excellent judgment as to when an animal is out of sorts, and will not relax in her concern until she knows the animal is feeling and acting as it ought to. I am always reassured knowing that my family’s dogs are under Brenda’s attentive care, where their welfare is of primary importance and issues will be noted and dealt with competently.

Brenda not only stands out from others in her decency and devotion to her clients and their. She possesses a unique understanding of animal behaviour that enables her to transcend a simple carrot-stick approach and to be singularly effective in her training. She establishes a rapport and a relationship with the animal. My rescue Airedale Terrier, Lucie Ramona, started off as insecure, preemptively aggressive around other animals, and extremely frenetic in the home and around visitors. Through regular sessions with Brenda and carefully orchestrated socialization, my dog has blossomed into a friendly and secure pet, one who is much more adaptable in new situations with other animals and can be walked easily and enjoyably. She has gone from an insecure dog, always on the offensive, to one who is relaxed, and much more comfortable both in and out of her element. The photos speak for themselves! It his hard to say whose life Brenda has enriched more: mine or Lucie’s.

Rebecca Waserman