Group Walk

Love and respect. While most people will agree every personal relationship needs these two elements,  we believe they are also the foundation for creating healthy relationships with our canine counterparts.

To do a proper job of dog walking, one on one or in a group, there must be a mutual bond of love and respect. One cannot use bribes to earn that respect and love. You must show leadership and fairness.

When we walk dogs, we never use treats as a motivator. Experience tells us that if the dogs finds something more interesting than the treat, they will tune you out. We earn their respect by giving freedom in a controlled and fair method.

When we arrive at the park to go for their daily walk, they must remain in the vehicle until leashed. At that point they are escorted out in an orderly manner. This accomplishes two things: First is safety. No dog should be allowed to run free through a parking lot. As many dogs cannot be seen over the hood or trunk of a car, it can be almost impossible for a driver to properly navigate around them.

The second thing is that it establishes who the leader of the pack is: the human leader and not the dogs.  We also make it a rule to keep the dogs on leash until they reach the appropriate area of the off leash park. Only then they may be released in an orderly manner. If the dog does not behave then the dog does not earn the privilege of having freedom and playing with their friends. Again, this establishes who is in control.

We find that when you relieve the stress of leadership from the dogs and assume it yourself, the dogs are much happier. They can then feel free to play with other dogs and people without the stress of having to be on guard. The dogs look to you for safety and comfort. By creating that mutual love and respect, dogs will naturally obey their owners. And that’s why when we call our group to come, they are happy to oblige.

We look forward to having the opportunity to show your dog that same love and respect.

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