In Home Training

Training works best in the comfort of your own home and around your home where the distractions are taking place.   Since people are busier these day, training can be customized to fit your schedules, and of course, to fit your particular concerns with your dog (s).  All of the time that is spent is spent on educating you and your family about your particular dog and dealing with issues as well as preventing issues. We spend time with you and your dog and not watching the time.

Canine Nanny training doesn’t involve using treats as bribes for good behaviour.  Rather, we teach leadership skills with expectations and boundaries that are easy to follow and that give clear direction to the dog.  When the dog knows who is in charge and feels safe then problems can be avoided or subsided.

We teach people how to teach their dogs to become great, loving companions and great canine citizens.  Our common sense, back to basics approach works well especially when combined with our walking services.  Either way, we strive to teach you so that you can be self sufficient with your pet .  We give you skills that you can always use to work with your dog in any situation.

We at Canine Nanny believe in the beauty of the human-animal bond and it is our mission to make that a successful relationship.


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