Dogs Are Not Human!

I know that that when I looked in the mirror this morning I saw the semblance of a
human being. Yes, I know that I need some help in the morning but nonetheless I
know that my teeth, ears, face, and other body parts didn’t look anything like my dogs!
I’m sure that if you look in the mirror too, you will not notice much of a resemblance
other than the possibility of posing with your dog for a “Fido” commercial.
Yes, I am being facetious of course. I am in no way putting dogs down for being who
they are. As a matter of fact, my dog training sessions teach people how they can
respect dogs for who they are; namely dogs, and to get them to respect the humans in
the household. I tell you it really is quite a concept!

My training sessions teach you how you can find the balance between treating your
dog like a dog and yes, balance those human things we teach our dogs. Things like:
language, behavior, and not to mention sharing our food, our beds, couches, and
vehicles with them, and all of the other partnering we do with our dogs.

You will also learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that makes sense to
you and to the dog. The sessions help you find balance in the wonderful relationship
you have with your doggy companion, friend, pet, pal, buddy, and chum. If you noticed
I used words that describe friendship and camaraderie. These words are not expressly
designed to speak only about human relationships.

I have learned over the years to love dogs for who they are – dogs! Glorious,
wonderful, amazing, fun loving dogs!

Canine Nanny’s dog training sessions can show you how to find the wonderful animal
inside your dog. Your dog will love you for being a good human!

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