Driving with dogs

Oh the sights, smells and sounds of the great outdoors! Dogs love the opportunity to hang their heads out the window of a fast moving vehicle. But be careful; as fun as it may seem, this sort of behaviour can be risky!
When dogs have have the opportunity to hang their heads out the window of a fast moving car they go on super sensory overload. When this happens, they tend to become overly excited in the car and can become a possible safety hazard to themselves and other drivers. There is the risk of debris getting into eyes, ear inflammation from flapping in the wind, and not to mention falling out of the car. Imagine a pebble getting into an eye at 60 km/hour…ouch!
I have seen dogs hanging out of windows and dogs helping their people drive…yes, sitting on the driver’s lap while their guardian is driving. Since, dogs can never get a driver’s license, there is no need for them to be in the front seat; no less in the driver’s seat! The risk of death from air bags or just being crushed or becoming a projectile should be enough to keep dogs out of the front. Many times, the dog who sits on their person’s lap is also very possessive of that same human. I dare anyone to venture close to that window just to say hello to the person holding the dog.
While we’re on the subject of dogs and vehicles, let’s remember that cars become virtual furnaces in the heat of the summer months. Sadly, we have been reminded about these dangers with the recent tragedies that caused some deaths in our city due to the heat. Let’s learn from these tragic cases and keep both our children and our pets safe.
That’s all for this week, but there will be more to learn about summer safety so check in again soon!

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