Should your nanny walk the family dog?

Yes, if it is the Canine Nanny. I have a high regard for the work that nannies do for families; walking the dog should not be one of their responsibilities. Now, with that said, there are some really easy going dogs and nannies who enjoy walking and interacting with the family dog. In that case, sure, the nanny needs fresh air and exercise too. However, I have encountered  cases where the nanny and the dog were incompatible.


Here are a couple of situations that happened recently. A nanny was walking a Dogo Argentiono (Argentine Mastiff) along our quiet residential street. I was out with my own Australian Cattle Dog and a Golden Poodle who was a house guest. We greeted a neighbour who had a friendly Presa (Spanish Mastiff). The nanny was literally pulled off of her feet and knocked to the ground as the Cane Corso came charging across to the dogs. Miraculously, although the dog put its mouth over my dog and then immediately went after the Golden Poodle, there were no injuries. However, the Presa intervened and the Cane Corso and the Presa had an altercation. The Presa ended up with 3 puncture marks on her neck and thankfully recovered without expensive veterinary treatment. Fortunately, this turned out to be a minor but very frightening incident.

The second incident didn’t have such a happy ending. I was walking my regular group of dogs and a person approached me and asked if I had seen a nanny walking an American Bulldog in the area. I said that I had not. She then proceeded to tell me that a nanny was walking the dog who was known to be a nuisance in the area. Her 12 year old Shiu Tzu had lost an eye, once again due to an incidence of a nanny walking a dog who she couldn’t control and a dog with no self control.


I have gone to parks where I see a nanny just sitting on a bench with the dog in her care and the dog’s leash tightly wound around her wrist  –  another dangerous situation. Consider what would happen if that dog, no matter the size, sees a squirrel or another dog.


Please understand that I am not bashing nannies. As I said earlier, they have a hard enough job to do and the dog should not become their responsibility as well. Again, this totally depends on the nanny’s interest in the dog and learning how to behave and respond to avoid dangerous situations, and of course, the dog and its behaviour. I am also not criticizing Mastiff type dogs or any type of dog for that matter. Please note, that I am against the Pit Bull ban and muzzle order. Any and all dogs can become great dogs with excellent leadership, consistency and a respect for the dog.


Please respect your nanny and the great work that she does for you. To avoid the scenarios discussed above and to keep your nanny and pets happy, if you need your dog walked, then call Canine Nanny.


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