What’s wrong with kissing the dog?

I can think of a few things that are wrong with kissing the dog. Oh, things like a
mouthful of hair, fur, among other unmentionables. Oh yes, then there is the chance of
being bitten by your dog from that harmless kiss.

Why would the dog bite the mouth that kisses you ask? I teach in my dog training
sessions that dogs are not people.  Let’s see
exactly what is wrong with kissing the dog. Kissing goes along with spoiling and
that is usually a recipe for disaster. What I teach is that kissing is akin to licking and if it
isn’t grooming that we are engaging in than we must be acting subservient to the dog.

If you watch the dogs who lick other dogs, you will notice that the leaders are being
licked around the mouth area as a show of respect and innocence from the “lesser”
dog. Simply put, that’s what we do when we shower our dogs with kisses.
A dog walking client was given a warning bite (bruised skin) by an otherwise sweet and
docile dog. This person wanted the dog to do something that the dog did not want to
do so the bite was issued as a warning. When the dog is in the company of a
Canine Nanny dog walker, one would never allow this
particular animal to do such a thing. Too many hugs and kisses to a dog can turn this
beauty into a beast.
Thankfully, this client has decided to take the our advice. The sweetness that
everyone else sees from this dog is starting to happen for the very person who
deserves it the most.

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