Keeping your indoor cat captivated

Keeping Your Indoor Cat Captivated

If your indoor cats are restless or – worse – lethargic, you don’t have to let them out to keep them happy and entertained. As we mentioned in our last blog post, 9 Reasons to Keep Your Cat Inside there is no shortage of reasons why your cat is in fact better off inside your home or apartment than roaming the great, but too often dangerous outdoors. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that your cat has to be an unhappy camper. These tips will help keep your feline fit, purring and most importantly, safe!

Indoor Safety, Outdoor “Feel”

If you have an outdoor cat enclosure or a porch that’s screened in, your cat can enjoy the sun and the breeze safely. You can create your own enclosure or purchase an enclosure from a pet supply company. Like most other specialized cat products on the market, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes at various price points. If you do build your own, make sure it’s sturdy and secure. You don’t want anything falling on your cat nor do you want to have to deal with an escape. There’s nothing more heart- wrenching than a missing pet.

Cat on a Leash

If you really want to get your cat outside to enjoy some fresh air, you’ll have to train him or her to walk on a leash with a harness on clean, debris-free services. Of course, this takes time and patience, especially if you aren’t starting off with a fearless kitten. First, allow your cat to slowly get accustomed to simply wearing the harness at home. If your cat relaxes while wearing the harness, you can add the “leash” element to the equation. Simply let your cat roam the house in his or her new gear. Only then should you attempt to direct your cat on a leash, leading without tugging. If you need the help of an expert, Canine Nanny can help.

Up a Tree

Let your cat climb a tree, a “cat tree,” that is. This often affordable indoor toy structure allows your cat to climb, jump and, of course, sharpen his or her claws (a much better option than your new couch! These types of structures allow your cat to enjoy multi-dimensional exercise and play without ever leaving home. Your cat can play solo or with a little help and encouragement from you!

Catch and Mouse

It’s no secret that cats have natural hunting instincts. Purchase toys that you can use to bring out the “hunt and prey” side of your friendly feline at home. This can include toy mice, wands, bottle corks, squeaky toys and ribbons. Cats also love to hide, so household items such as a hamper, empty cardboard box or paper bag can provide entertainment for your kitty. It also offers an adorable photo opp!

One-on-One Time

Whether you’re encouraging your cat to chase you or hide from you, some of the best mental stimulation and physical exercise your cat will get is when you play with him or her one on one. Set aside time for this every day and your cat will be healthier and happier for it. You can also try to help keep your cat engaged when you’re busy or away from home. Clear off space by a window where you cat can watch passing cars or birds perching in a bird bath. Consider leaving a TV on at home or purchasing a fish tank (just make sure it can’t be knocked over!)

If you spend the day in the office or plan to be away on vacation, Canine Nanny offers in-home cat visits as well as boarding. We’re serious cat lovers and know exactly what it takes to keep your cat purring and purr-fectly happy until you’re reunited.

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