Why A Dog Walker Is Worth the Investment — Even During Summer Months

In below zero temperatures, hiring a dog walker can be an easy decision to make. Your precious pooch needs the exercise, but understandably, you’re happy to say farewell to your dog and his or her red-nosed and rosy-cheeked walker while you keep warm and toasty indoors.

When it begins to warm up, you may wonder if the investment in dog walking services is still necessary. After all, you don’t mind a little fresh air. Here are a few reasons why turning to Canine Nanny is well-worth the investment, both for you and your pet:


When you hire a Canine Nanny dog walker your dog gets to make friends!  Check out our group walking service.  Spending time around other dogs is the only way your dog will learn badly needed social skills and eliminate undesirable, aggressive behaviours.  This is true of puppies and also older dogs who are timid around other canines or utterly disinterested in them. Spending time around other canines will stimulate your dogs, encouraging them to perk up, explore and play while respecting boundaries.

Puppy Training

Many people get puppies during the summer months and invest in Canine Nanny’s training services. Check out our in home training services. We help family members learn how to house-train their pups, teach them to respond to simple commands, get them accustomed to being on a leash and develop boundaries for safety, like making sure they don’t dash out the door or across the street without permission.

When your pup is ready, we can introduce him or her to some well-behaved canine mentors. There’s nothing better than socializing your pet at an early age, when cute “aggressive” behaviours can still be curbed.

Helping Your Old Dog Adjust

If you have an older dog and bring a new puppy into your home, you may need help with this challenging adjustment period. Usurped from their former “only child” role, older dogs are typically not thrilled to be removed from the centre of attention. For starters, these dogs often want a break from being cooped up with a puppy who hasn’t learned how to play nice. Learning to spend time with well-behaved older dogs on their Canine Nanny group walk can help teach old dogs how to enjoy walking with others. This way, when your pup is ready to join in on longer walks, everyone will be happy campers.

Dogs also need to adjust to new babies in the home, who change family dynamics drastically!  Having a dog walker who ensures that they get their walks in can really ease that transition — not only for the dogs, but for tired new parents!

Busy Schedules

Whether you’re going away for the weekend or have a hectic social schedule (think: family BBQs, baseball practice, etc.), there are often times during the summer months that your dog gets left at home. Canine Nanny offers boarding services for dogs whose owners are on short or long vacations.

We also pick up the slack when it comes to walking so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your pup is getting regular physical activity and relief.

Summer Safety

At Canine Nanny, we take the utmost care to keep your pet comfortable during the “dog days of summer.” We provide plenty of fresh, filtered drinking water and ensure that we walk in areas that are well-shaded and safe. We also bring along natural insect repellents to keep pesky bugs off of our canine clients (and ourselves!).

Making sure that your pets are safe and comfortable is, and always has been, at the top of our priority list. Just like when we popped by to let dogs relieve themselves on the frigid winter days, we do the same for dogs who don’t fare well in sweltering summer heat, like Boxers and Pugs.

Enjoy time with your pet this summer, but still make sure to give your dog the safe social time they need with their Canine Nanny leaders and their canine friends. Contact us by checking out our contact page] today.


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